Liscr Articles Of Agreement

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Instructions for setting up• Setting up a Liberian company• Creating a previously approved and reserved Liberian company may be founded with a name reserved by the registry for your use and convenience and previously released. Please contact your local regional office or email for a list of available names and request instructions on how to create. As a registered agent, due diligence requirements prevent the acceptance of instructions from people who are not professionally active in the management of the company or who work as professional consultants.• Application for storage companies• Request for a share certificate (please send an e-mail to • Request for a company kit (Please send an e-mail) New online ordering system Publications can be purchased online. To use this option, use a personal online account via the link below a WayPoint To order by email, fill out the publications order form and send an email to For more information or assistance when ordering maritime publications, please contact If a certificate is considered fraudulent/false/void by the issuing government, the Maritime Registrar/Ship Owner/Manager will be notified accordingly. No certificate of approval is issued. Shipowners/managers are ordered to remove the seafarer from the duties he was to perform and remove him from the ship in the nearest port available. Applicable Regulations of Liberia on the Law of the Sea – RLM-108 (p.57) and Liberian Law of the Sea – RLM-107 (Article 350 Recording of Offences in the Logbook). article of the agreement between the master and the seafarers in the commercial service of the Republic of Liberia. A contract between the master of a ship and a crew that applies to the signature and signature of all seafarers serving on board Liberian-flagged vessels.

Please contact Skanreg, the Maritime Registrar or the shipowners as soon as possible so that the document can be cancelled so that you can obtain a replacement. A fee shall be charged for the issue of replacement documents. . . .