Kubernetes License Agreement

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1.1 “Licensed Software” means the Docker Software that has been granted to you in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, with the exception of the open source software contained therein. 3.2 Additional Restrictions. Customer may not sell, rent or license the Software, or through any parent company, subsidiary, related business, representative or other third party: (a) sell, rent or license the Software or allow third parties to access it on a service basis; (b) decompile, decompile or dismantle the Software in whole or in part; or (c) allow access to the Software, with the exception of Customer`s personnel and subcontractors who work for Customer, who are bound by the corresponding confidentiality clauses. This is not legal advice. For more information about 1.3 “Cluster” repository licenses, a traefik instance activated by a license key is meant. The Doc Contributors Tools directory in the kubernetes/website repository contains tools to enhance your contribution journey. 2.4 License Management. Customer acknowledges that the Software contains an automatic license management feature that confirms Customer`s right to use the Software under this Agreement. The customer acknowledges that the software automatically accesses Traefik Labs` computer systems to verify such authorization, and that the software may no longer work or may be limited in scope or speed if such authorization cannot be verified. Customer must not remove or alter these licensing features.

Due to the need for such authorization, the software cannot operate without having access to the Internet without limitation of the foregoing. Any issues encountered by the customer while using the software due to an authorization error are addressed as described in Section 5 (Maintenance and Support). CoreOS Open-Source Container Linux contains licensed and copyrighted works that are not application software, including documentation and firmware. These components are only included if they do not limit coreOS, Inc. or another party`s ability to open source CoreOS Container Linux. A generous license whose main conditions require respect for copyright and license notices. Contributors explicitly grant patent rights. Licensed works, modifications and large works may be distributed under other conditions and without source code….