Jemena Connection Agreement

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“We take a very customer-oriented approach. We work with our customers to invest in technology, to ensure that we get the best results for customers – the first year of the JESA contract involved setting up a customer portal for Jemena customers to submit requests for new electrical connections, improve the customer experience and improve the interface with the business. New gas connections are classified either as basic or as negotiated, depending on the technical characteristics of each specific connection. Each connection class has different price mechanisms and deadlines for carrying out connection work and energy supply. The PKGT includes the development of a gas terminal equipped with LNG carrier vessels, a floating storage and regasation unit (FSRU), dockside facilities and a pipeline connection to the existing EGP. Jemena`s chief executive Frank Tudor said the agreement formed the agreements between the parties and jemena would now invest in an investment program to accelerate the development of a 12km long gas pipeline to connect the EGP to the Port Kembla LNG import terminal. New connection: request a new gas connection Additions and modifications: Request changes to your existing gas supply Delete: Request decommissioning and removal of meters. Visit the jemena Connections portal. How are customers who are in the process of buying new connections to premises treated in transition? As part of the agreement, Jemena will build and operate a 12 km underground gas pipeline connecting the Port Kembla gas terminal to the Eastern Gas pipeline, the main gas artery between New South Wales and Victoria. A gas retail agreement must be concluded before we can turn on the gas at your home. For a new connection, we recommend that you agree on the gas connection via an energy distributor. This ensures that you will be supplied with gas by your selected retailer from the moment the gas is connected.

A list of energy retailers is available on the website of the Australian Energy Regulator. As soon as your reseller submits a new connection request on your behalf, we will notify them within 10 business days if your connection is considered simple or negotiated. In case of basic connection, we also provide a connection offer to your reseller. Please note that in case of direct application, we can only provide you with one gas connection via our portal. If you wish to simultaneously connect electricity, gas, water and/or sanitation services, you must contact a retailer who can offer these services. The workload of the JESA contract consists of preventive maintenance – including the replacement of transverse arms and the exchange of pylons – the response to operational disruptions, the extension of the network initiated by the customer, such as new connections and supply modernizations, as well as the provision of capital projects launched by Yemena. The discussion paper notes that merchants may have entered into contracts for new connection work. The DPI proposes not to include specific provisions for these contracts as part of the CNNP transition process. JEN supports this position. JEN believes that it is not possible to renegotiate these contracts in order to reflect the relevant provisions of the CNUE, as this will take time and be costly. .

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