Conns Lease Purchase Agreement

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The leasing instrument is not everyone`s business. For a large school with a large budget, $20,000 is not an inappropriate amount that can be spent on instruments in a fiscal year. But for a small school on a tight budget, it might be almost impossible to establish the fund needed for the cash purchase. In fact, leasing can be more economical than waiting several years before buying the necessary instruments. With Conn-Selmer`s leasing/purchase program, the only financial costs are the annual leasing payment. No shipping, no administrative or other fees. Only one payment at the beginning of each fiscal year. The costs DO NOT rent can be much higher. including costs to your students if they don`t have the quality tools they need to reach their potential. When schools plan to rent almost any type of equipment, they usually talk about leasing/purchasing.

Unlike traditional rental agreements, leasing/purchasing are more likely to pay. With each payment, the lessee (the school) builds equity in the instruments and, at the end of the lease agreement, owns the instruments without additional “balloon payment”. Conn-Selmer`s leasing/purchase (or leasing/financing) program also contains specific termination clauses designed to comply with state law. Generally speaking, they provide that the school may terminate the lease if it is not unexpectedly unable to assume the funds necessary for the continuation of the lease. Conn-Selmer offers our Wish List tool that allows you to create and submit your list of necessary items. A lease costs nothing and could only be the only most important program for the growth of your band and orchestra. I`m trying to get my TV repaired, which has been under warranty since October 12th. It`s now a month with several emails saying they would come to fix the TV without anyone calling to secure a time, and no one shows up. I had to call to see the days they were coming out and yet no one was coming out. Again, I`m waiting for a technician to fix my TV, and no one shows up or knows what`s going on. I`ve had my TV for two days and I can`t watch or fix it anymore.

But they still send emails in which they talk about how our service was put into operation. It`s terrible to have to sit down, wait and call if they`re the ones calling to let me know what`s going on with appointments, parties and respect for the warranty. Leasing and the purchase of instruments should not be intimidating. Let this guide help you determine if buying instruments directly, leasing or leasing/purchasing is correct for your school or organization. Here we give you answers to many of our frequently asked questions. Our Educational Support Director (MES) is ready to guide you through this process in order to find the best option for your educational needs….