Cisco Managed Service License Agreement

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Before you start adding new customer accounts to the MSSP console, choose how to purchase licenses on behalf of your customers. Your options are possible either through a temporary license or a Managed Service Agreement (MSLA). Your customers demand the flexibility to turn services on or off or scale capacity as needed. You may also need to quickly launch a Proof of Concept or trial with a new client. Standard purchase options were not designed for a utility-based model, where connectivity is provided as part of a larger service. The selection you make here becomes a default license agreement if you add new accounts. To be competitive, seize new opportunities and offer expert services, you need agility to evolve and adapt and minimize risks. Cisco recognizes the unique needs of our service providers in the sd-WAN marketplace. The Cisco® Managed Service Licensing Agreement (MSLA) has been designed to meet both your needs and those of your customers.

Companies are willing to switch service providers in order to get a more personal experience. To be competitive, your offering must be easy to acquire, offer flexibility to meet changing customer demand, and adapt to your cost model – simple, agile and economical. By accessing the complete software suite, companies can adapt the required technology to all sites and users, globally. In this way, a centralized security directive can be made available consistently across all sites, with the flexibility to include future sites and users under the same agreement. In addition, the elimination of all foreign products can lead to a substantial reduction in costs and simplified management. Sign 3-year contract terms and get a price forecast With service offerings for Cisco AMP for Endpoints and Umbrella Insights solutions as part of the Cisco MSLA program, SYNNEX Comstor can complement your business model to optimize the commercialization of these products. You can combine MSLA SD-WAN Uncommitted and MSLA SD-WAN Committed licenses to provide the greatest possible flexibility. Your unesthed licenses allow you to “bend down” if your customer`s demand changes. Purchase MSLA SD-WAN Committed for the majority of the customer`s licenses, take advantage of the lower price, and then use MSLA SD-WAN Uncommitted licenses for flexibility. Your customer can update the feature and bandwidth level at any time during the contract. ● Improve the customer experience by enabling them to reduce capital expenditures and increase cost predictability, increase capacity, and license other systems or sites if requirements change. Deliver managed services to customers of all sizes in their domains with Cisco`s secure SD-WAN portfolio.

Simple provision and management reduce your operating costs for greater profitability. Cisco is the most partner in the industry that is committed to your long-term success. Learn more about Cisco`s Managed Service Provider Program. Whether ELA is right for you depends on a number of factors. There comes a point where EA`s economies of scale over pricing individual “à la carte” licenses will make sense. With a portfolio of technologies available under EA, customer acceptance and full integration is essential. With a 24/7 Managed Security Operations Center, Axonex offers maximum support, we provide you with a lifecycle advisor and a success manager to provide the best output and the best financial return on investment. The provision of software-based services can help improve your ability to respond to market and customer requirements.

However, negotiating license agreements and fulfilling multiple orders can affect your time and market entry. That`s why you need a licensing model that offers flexibility and speed to expand your projects. Increase or decrease licenses based on respective business requirements….