Biblical Advice On Prenuptial Agreements

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This question has never been asked of me, so forgive me if my thoughts seem a little disorganized. Since the Bible doesn`t say anything specific about marriage contracts, what I`m saying is just my opinion, and I hope you`ll consider it as such and seek advice from others. Ultimately, the issue of a marriage contract should be addressed, but this is not the main concern. A marriage contract is an integrated way for a couple to get married “thumbs up” when they say, “I do it.” If a couple nibbles away at the terms of their commitment to each other, this alone can help create what is feared in advance and covered in marriage. Believe it or not, there are indeed marriage contracts, of a kind documented in the Bible. During the biblical period of the Old Testament, women could not own any property (except in strange or special circumstances). Traditionally, when a man died, his eldest son inherited most of his property and possessions, as well as taking care of his mother and any younger siblings who might not have reached adulthood. This is what was expected of all the sons. But what happened when a man died before they had a son, or if marriage did not give birth to men despite long years together? What happened to this woman? It`s much more important to make sure you`re both willing to fully commit and trust each other. In most situations, one man and woman devoted to God and the other do not need a marriage contract. The Bible commands husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the Church. But just because this policy specifically mentions husbands doesn`t mean wives are out of the woods. Spouses should love each other unconditionally and selflessly, and be ready to give themselves and their lay goods to each other, as Christ did for the Church.

A marriage contract indicates a conditional and selfish love that is not like Christ. The problem with a marriage contract is that it deviates from the biblical view of marriage. What is a marriage contract and is it a good idea for a Christian couple in a biblical marriage to have one? What the Bible says about marriage is a clear indication that marriage contracts do not fit very well into the Christian view of marriage. . . .