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It is now possible to declare post-processing as a service that you provide in your profile. This also means that outsourcers can browse the directory by the language professionals who offer this service. View Announcement: In short, the word pair and type of text involved, the design and quality of the MT system, the characteristics of the raw MT output, and the intended use of the revised final text interact in complex ways to determine the actual level and effort of PE required. But, from the post-editor`s point of view, this equation still leaves room for uncertainty, because it is quite common for mechanically translated texts to have uneven quality: for example, in a 10,000-word translation project, 10% of the raw edition of TM can be (almost) perfect without the need for improvement, 30% can be perfect even with a large PE (i.e. we would be better, Reward all these passages from top to bottom) and the remaining 60% may require different forms of intermediate PE (let`s say that in the same paragraph, you have to change a preposition in one sentence, a final final agreement in another, but a whole dependent clause turns out to be poorly translated and totally incomprehensible elsewhere). It`s easy to realize that pe can become a demanding business and the effort it requires in terms of skills and time is often difficult to predict and turn into clear prices that can be charged to customers with a transparent pricing scheme. Learn more about the benefits of machine translation and post-editing execution as a service by participating in one of Federico`s live or on-demand trainings on this topic. You can find the full list of courses here: I even enjoyed a few one-on-one interviews with translators who had listened to my presentation and challenged me during the rest of the conference: overall, they were really curious about TM and PE, and I appreciated their honest questions and comments on these inevitably sensitive topics.