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Under the terms of the agreement, Newt will offer Oui Movil users the ability to make payments to their prepaid or contract services in more than 100,000 outlets through the integrated retail network connected to the Newt platform. The wide reach of the Newt retail network will allow Oui Movil to expand its customer base and differentiate itself from the competition. For more information on cooperation agreements and contractual joint ventures, see: We have no precedent that includes profit-sharing clauses. However, we refer you to the “Precedent: Collaboration” agreement, which you can possibly customize for your purposes. Sergio Maya Aleman, CEO of Latin America at Newt Corporation, said: “We are very excited about this agreement in the telecommunications sector because it gives us the opportunity to prove the strength and reliability of our technology and establish a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. This agreement will have a positive impact on Newt`s growth and allow it to further strengthen its best capital – our network.¬†Yes Movil is a Mexican telecommunications company owned by Elektra, a Mexican finance and retail company with subsidiaries in North America and Latin America. Elektra is the largest non-bank provider of cash advance services in the United States. Elektra is currently listed on the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (ELEKTRA) and the Spanish Stock Exchange of Latibex (XEKT). The group manages more than 7,000 contact points in Mexico, the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama and El Salvador. The company works on two divisions to meet the needs of its customers: commercial and financial. What is that? A deception occurs when a misrepresentation is made with the express intention of deceiving a party, which then inflicts a loss on that party.

The elements of a claim in the deception are: `a clear misrepresentation of facts or laws`fraud by the manufacturer, in the sense that they knew that the Oui Movil – a department of Elektra, offers extensive coverage throughout Mexico, and has a variety of smartphone options, as well as a range of data coverage with affordable prices for an average consumer. Existing user? Sign-in Take a Free Trial Take a free trial version Accepting a free trial version Newt Corporation is a Canadian company with subsidiaries in the United States, Luxembourg and Mexico, which aims to be a fintech guide at SaaS Software Solutions Services, which focuses on B2B, such as institutions and SMEs that offer services to employees and the unban market. With its developed SaaS technology software and integrated partners, Newt can provide institutions, distributors, technologies for the kyc, AML, Mobile Wallet solution, cash payment, bill payment, digital prepaid products and other services for transactions on mobile devices, on the web and at the Point Merchant of Sales. By selecting Newt`s SaaS solutions, users and businesses can remove complex features of action in the digital world, payment, receipt of funds, acceptance of invoice payments at the point of sale, thus allowing merchants to have a fast and seamless one-stop shop for a safer and more efficient provider. Newt`s current SaaS platform is used by customers throughout North America and Latin America. Recently, large companies and SMEs have chosen Newt as their only service provider for digital payment solutions. Newt plans to provide a new generation of technologies in a full SaaS service offering. Yes Movil is a telecommunications company that offers comprehensive data coverage throughout Mexico. The company offers a wide range of data coverage and plans opportunities for people looking for freedom and flexibility. Oui Movil offers the latest generation of smartphones and prides itself on consistent customer service and coaching.