Food Framework Agreement

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The framework can be used to organize another competition for your project or to directly designate a contractor. Our knowledgeable and experienced team helps you and you get your project up and running from the early stages to completion – just tell us what you need. Increase cost savings and consolidate your catering services under a single provider with this EU-compliant framework agreement. We have waived all fees charged for customers who use this framework in accordance with the Purchasing Policy Directive (NPP) – in response to COVID-19, PPN 1/20. For more information, contact us on 01482 975883 or email your request to If you want to become a supplier on our framework, please contact us here. This framework is free to access. We support you throughout the process and serve as a link between you, the contracting authority and the contractor. The agreement will provide public sector food buyers with a food supply service in the UK, including SMEs. We inform you on our mailing list and also on this page on upcoming webinars. To get these updates via email, whether you`re a supplier or a customer, please send an email – Customers and suppliers in the Pagabo ecosystem were asked to recommend the use of a Pagabo frame in a recent anonymous survey.

93% answered “yes” Suitable for all types of public sector organizations, this single agreement provides effective access to a reliable and inexpensive national food service provider, offering a wide range of brands and branded items. The National Framework Agreement on Catering and Related Products is available until February 2023. There is no fee to access the agreement, but please check, sign and return (the CAA) in your quickest comfort. In this way, we can provide you with the necessary documents, such as terms and conditions, price cards and all support models. To start this process, please complete the form below and download the Customer Access Form (CAA). We will hold engagement workshops to discuss in more detail the scope and approach and to gather your input and input to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers in order to obtain business benefits. Since 2014, ASEAN`s agriculture, economic and health sectors have been working together to develop ASEAN`s food security policy (AFSP) and AFSRF.