Bath Fitter Franchise Agreement

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Bath Fitter is looking for business manager. “With the potential of this company, they must hire and manage salespeople, installers and office workers. Any knowledge of transformation is secondary,” says Brakel. Both the franchisee and the company miss an opportunity for growth and profit when managed as a secondary business, she says. Installing residential, commercial and institutional homes, seamless baths and showers and shower bases John Heckenlaible, marketing director for Re-Bath (, says his business focuses on middle-income households and homes that are over 20 years old. He says Re-Bath initially focused on hotels and motels, but business has spread to detached houses. Bath franchisees are now also installing accessories such as soap trays, towel racks and shelves. Your bathroom is a reflection of your style, it`s time to love what you see in the mirror. Your new bathroom is going to prove itself. That`s why all Bath Fitter products have a lifetime warranty. BATH FITTER is North America`s leading company for acrylic bath, shower, bathtub finish and wall system.

Their products are customized to fit right existing features for quick and clean bathroom renovation and bathtub refinishing, which is completed in less than a day. Their company was founded in 1984. Since then, they have rebuilt and reworked bathrooms in hundreds of thousands of buildings, apartment buildings, hotels and other apartment buildings through their network of franchise sites and businesses across North America. Today, its product range includes bathtubs, shower floors, bathtub and shower walls, dome ceilings, bathtub and shower doors, and a variety of colourful accessories. End the day with a better bathroom than the one you woke up with. In just 24 hours, we`ll install a new bathtub or shower for a look you`ll love. Your dream bath is closer than you think. Number of employees needed to operate the franchise unit: 3 – 4 There is a better way to get the bathroom of your dreams. One thing that doesn`t disturb your life like traditional renovations. Plus, the adjustments for an appearance and they feel quite their own. Installed in as little as a day.

It`s guaranteed for life. Welcome to Bath Fitter. Territory granted: During the franchise agreement, the franchisor grants franchisees the right to offer and sell single-family bathroom renovation services and related products and services marked by franchisors within protected territory. Franchisees may not advertise, sell or install products or services to individual homes other than existing one-family homes without the prior written consent of the franchisor. Franchisees are prohibited from advertising, selling or installing products or services for the new building without the prior written consent of the franchisor. As a general rule, the protected area will consist of a population of 750,000 to 1,250,000 people.