Alarm Monitoring Agreement

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The call list consists of contact information for anyone who wants to be notified in the event of an alert and/or emergency. Those on this list are entitled to request or cancel the shipment. However, you are not allowed to change your account. In the event of an alert, the Observatory calls the call list in the order of making TRi-D-FX available until a contact is reached or the full list is accessed without success. Once a contact is reached, the rest of the list will not be contacted unless you have requested something else. 3) Authority to obtain all account information regarding the security system and alert history. The ASIAL Alarm Monitoring Service Agreement was designed as an agreement between an alarm installation company and its customer. When providing monitoring services, it is worth having a written agreement with the terms of the service you provide. This is an electronic form that contains fields for your client`s data and the services you will provide them.

This agreement can also be adapted with your company logo. In addition to the above, TRi-D-FX records the name and phone number of each contact to be called in case of an alarm. You can assign a passport code to each contact person. Your contacts also have the option to change their own passport codes. If you are not late under your agreement, you will attempt to contact yourself or someone on the call list after receiving an alert at the Observatory, TRi-D-FX and the monitoring centre. If the watchdog tries to contact you or someone on your call list but is unable to do so, or if the monitoring service is not satisfied with the nature of the response received during such contact, the monitoring service will do everything in its power to transmit the alarm immediately by telephone or other means of communication to one of the police, fire, other authorities or a private alert response company.