Us Greece Military Agreement

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3. The United States of America is compensated by the Greek government for the residual value of facilities developed and built at the expense of the United States under this agreement that are not withdrawn or removed in accordance with paragraph 2 of this article, including facilities developed or built jointly by the United States and Greek funds. whether these facilities or their parts are no longer needed by the United States Armed Forces. The amount and nature of the compensation are made in accordance with the agreements to be reached between the competent authorities of the parties. Negotiations on how to process the residual value of these facilities will not be affected by NATO agreements. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo signs a revised cooperation agreement and says relations between Greece and the United States have “never been stronger.” Although it is mentioned that NATO would use these bases, the news of Byzantine and Greek flags increased as U.S. military ships approached the port. The defence agreement was strongly condemned by left-wing opposition parties. The agreement between the United States and Greece on industrial cooperation in the field of defence,[36] signed on September 8, 1983, governs defence and intelligence relations between Greece and the United States. A revised and expanded defence cooperation agreement was signed in 2019 to improve close defence relations between the two countries. [37] [38] During the Gulf War, cooperation strengthened relations between Greece and the United States, with Greece sending military and medical assistance to U.S.

forces in the Gulf region. In May 1995, the Greek Ministry of Defence organized the “NEW SPIRIT 95” military exercises on the territory of Karditsa to promote military cooperation between Greece, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria and the United States. At the same time, exchanges of visits between senior political and military officials in both countries, such as Condoleezza Rice`s in Athens, have strengthened cooperation between Greece and the United States in the fight against terrorism and the war on drugs. In addition, the port of Thessaloniki is open to NATO exercises in the eastern Mediterranean and Greece has made a significant contribution to NATO operations in Afghanistan, including counter-terrorism and anti-piracy efforts. [39] Greece and the United States are also allies in the war of terrorism and are working closely within the coalition to fight the Islamic State, with Greece providing technical and military assistance to the US-led coalition to drive IS out of Iraqi and Syrian territories.