Settlement Agreement Znaczenie

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In a settlement agreement, a federal judge reduced the area from 50 feet to 135. The full settlement agreement can be found on the Internet on, regulators said. A new conciliation agreement was reached in 1999, which made significant progress. “I have a proposed settlement that I leave to you.” A lawyer for one of the accused said there was no agreement. I have a proposed regulation on you in the next room. On April 18, 2012, the two sides agreed on an agreement. “We are not yet at the point where we are reaching an agreement.” The Foundation for Public Health was established in 1998 by the states with tobacco companies as part of the comparison agreement. Na portalu znajduje sié rewnieé s`ownik polsko-rosyjski. Poni-sze t-umaczenia pochodzé z zewnétrznych érédeé i mogé by`niedok`adne. never jest odpowiedzialne za I brzmienie. ..